Jay Cutler’s Benching Leads to Dramatic Drop in Bears Ticket Prices

By Rachel Wold
courtesy: media.trb.com

With the breaking news that the Chicago Bears have benched struggling veteran quarterback Jay Cutler for Week 16, ticket prices for the team’s game against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field have dropped dramatically. 

The Bears have hit rock bottom and now so have their ticket prices.

According to reports, starting ticket prices for this Sunday’s game at Soldier Field start at $40 with the average price of a ticket being only $143. This makes it the cheapest Bears game for the season. Compare this average to the $273 tag, which was the average of the Bears tickets for the past seven home games, and the difference is sadly almost half to watch a Bears’ home game.

So, if you’re up for a cheap and likely disappointing outing, you can fork out just $40 to watch a backup quarterback try to pull what little there is left for the Bears to play for out of the toilet in Week 16 when Chicago hosts the Detroit Lions.