Ben McAdoo explains ridiculously enormous playcard

A photo of New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo’s play sheet made the rounds this week, and many were shocked and amused at just how massive it was.

As many saw it, the play call sheet looked more like a diner menu than an NFL playcard.

McAdoo came out and stated Friday just why the call sheet is so extensive.

“It’s a map of the field,” McAdoo said, per Jordan Ranaan of ESPN. “It’s more of a thought process than a playsheet.”

The card itself is a sight to see. With different pages and sections, it’s organized by every situation imaginable — hence the size and multiple pages.

A protege of Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, McAdoo says his playsheet has evolved throughout the years, especially since he became the offensive coordinator of the Giants.

“It has evolved as situational football has evolved,” McAdoo said.

McAdoo and McCarthy aren’t the only playcallers rocking the oversized call sheets — detail-oriented coaches around the league have begun to trend towards sheets that give them options for every possible situation.

The crazier part of all this? The one displayed on Sundays is a trimmed-down version.

“Yeah, the first time it seemed like a lot, a ton of stuff,” said Eli Manning, who receives an even bigger version during the week before it’s cut during a ranking day of their favorite plays. “It all makes sense and now you see the reasoning for it.”

That being said, with an 8-4 record and a good shot at the playoffs, I’m sure McAdoo has no issues with the jokes if his team continues to win and put up points.