Bears’ Coach Marc Trestman Impressed With Jay Cutler

Last summer when then new head coach Marc Trestman headed to Chicago to lead the team, the burning question was would Trestman have faith in Jay Cutler as the franchise quarterback?


That question no longer stands as the Bears signed Cutler to a $126 million deal and let Josh McCown migrate over to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during  free agency. Apparently, Trestman has his answer.

Happy so far, Trestman had these praising comments to share with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune (h/t NFL.com).

The number one thing from my standpoint is the way that he has invested in the Chicago Bears, Jay has been emotionally and selflessly invested in ways that he wouldn’t talk about. But he really cares about this organization and every day he’s a very, very observant person and he’s a very proactive person in terms of inserting himself in all areas of this building to help this organization get better.

I have great respect for Jay’s football intelligence and his skillset. When we came in here, we knew he had the skillset. The issue was, ‘Could we work together on a daily basis?’ because we both love football and we want to help our football team. And the answer to that question was a clear yes.

Cutler has fabulous dual-threat weapons in wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, who both shined particularly brightly with McCown under center while the Bears starter was out with injury last season. Now, we just need for Cutler to fully capitalize with these guys and keep his on-field mistakes limited. And actually “care,” then our questions will be answered.

For 2014, are we to expect no more of this attitude from Cutler?


Photo: ESPN.com