Baker Mayfield’s comments about Duke Johnson reportedly not well received by Browns teammates

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Baker Mayfield threw some serious shade toward teammate Duke Johnson, who has requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns.

Mayfield told reporters that Johnson needs to either get on the train or get off it. He also called Johnson’s issue “self-inflicted” and said “he’s gotta do his job.”

Apparently, that wasn’t well received by at least some of the veteran players inside Cleveland’s locker room. Michael Silver of spoke about the way it impacted the team, noting “several veterans came up to him in the locker room after those comments about Duke Johnson and, let’s just say, voiced their displeasure.”

Silver also said that “Baker may not have agreed with them, but he did hear them.”

Mayfield has already become one of the clear leaders for the Browns in a short period of time. However, it seems clear that he needs to work on the way he communicates, at least when it comes to a topic like a teammate’s business.