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Astros to return to Houston for doubleheader this weekend

Vincent Frank
Houston Astros
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros will return to their city to play a doubleheader against the New York Mets on Saturday, the team announced.

“We feel the Astros playing this weekend will provide a much-needed boost for our city, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Wednesday, via the team’s official Twitter account. “With all of the difficulties that many of our citizens are facing, the games will provide an opportunity for families to start return to some aspect of normal life.”

On the heels of tragedy, getting back to normalcy is the first step to recovery, both emotionally and physically.

What we’ve seen unfold in Houston over the past several days combines unbelievable tragedy with the strength of the human spirit. Every day citizens, professional athletes and law enforcement coming together to help those in need the most.

The Astros, New York Mets and larger Major League Baseball community will provide the downtrodden city with something else to focus on outside of the flooding and tragedy we’ve seen this week.

For their part, the Astros themselves had been relocated to Florida due to Hurricane Harvey. They attempted to reschedule a home-and-home series with the Texas Rangers, at which point the Rangers themselves turned down said request.

This will most definitely be a good opportunity for citizens of Houston to use sports as an outlet. If only for a few hours, they can regain some sense of normalcy. We applaud the Astros for this decision.