Astros fan called for interference in Game 4 speaks out against ruling

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros fan that allegedly interfered with Mookie Betts as he attempted to catch a ball that would have been a home run off the bat of Jose Altuve has spoken out against the call.

Chris Cotillo of Masslive.com connected with the lifelong Astros fan, Troy Caldwell, after the controversial ruling. Not surprisingly, Caldwell is upset about the ruling, which ended up turning a would-be two-run home run into an out.

“(Betts) came over,” Caldwell said. “I was (on my side of) the line. I don’t understand even what happened. I was (on my side of) the line and I had my hands out. I’ve got 800 pictures that already came (to my phone). I’m (on my side), got my hand out and the ball hit my hand. I never touched his glove. I don’t understand why they said it wasn’t a home run.”

If you haven’t seen the play, you can watch it here.

“That ball was gone, no matter what,” Caldwell added. “My hand wasn’t over the yellow. My hand was right here and it hit my hand so it was a home run, no matter what.”

ESPN’s Coley Harvey also spoke with people in that area of the field, and they said Betts’ glove was well over the fence. In that case, Altuve should not have been ruled out.

This controversy likely won’t be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Ever.