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As Ryan Mallett struggles for Ravens, Colin Kaepernick remains an option

Rachel Wold
Colin Kaepernick
Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

Things have gone terribly south in Baltimore with the news that quarterback Joe Flacco could miss 3-6 weeks due to a back injury. This currently leaves Ryan Mallett under center. And to the surprise of no one, he is stinking it up big time early on during camp.

According to a report, Mallett threw five interceptions and was almost picked off two other times. Linebacker Terrell Suggs could not keep from chiming in.

¬†“Hey Marty [Mornhinweg, offensive coordinator], tell Mallett to throw to the guys wearing the purple jerseys [the offense],” Suggs said per ESPN’s Jamison Hensley.”

It was reported that Mallett threw his white towel up in the air in frustration. Or perhaps that was a sign of surrender. This spells an early doom for the Ravens that also signed CFL and Arena Football quarterback David Olson to enhance the roster.

The addition of Olson seemingly squashes the idea of free agent Colin Kaepernick possibly signing on with the Ravens. Head coach John Harbaugh discussed possibly adding Kap to the team on Thursday.

Though this latest disturbing news on Mallett might have Harbaugh revisiting the Kap route.

If things keep spiraling downwards, it is going to be a long preseason in the Baltimore camp.