Aroldis Chapman breaks World Series record with 104.1 MPH pitch

Aroldis Chapman made his World Series debut in Game 2 of the Fall Classic. It didn’t take him long to make history, throwing the fastest pitch ever recorded in the World Series.

Chapman’s first pitch (a ball) clocked in at 101.5 miles per hour. That broke the record of Kansas City Royals reliever Kelvin Herrera, set in 2014.

In total, Chapman fired 22 fastballs with 18 of them at 100 or more. None were faster than a 104.1 mph heater. Coco Crisp did make contact with it, but produced nothing more than a weak groundout to second.

If the Chicago Cubs get their way, Chapman will be brought in with plenty of chances to improve on his record. Should that happen, the Cleveland Indians may find themselves in a lot of trouble.