Arizona State Head Coach: Scheduling Four Easy Wins is Un-American

Arizona State head football coach Todd Graham is making headlines after claiming the scheduling of cupcake teams is “un-American.”

We need to consider what the fans want,” Graham said, via “Fans don’t want to see you schedule four easy wins, then get two conference wins to get into a bowl game. That’s un-American.

Maybe Graham is alluding to the fact that a lack of competition goes against American standards. The easy way out.

He isn’t necessarily wrong. It takes only a 6-6 record to earn a postseason bowl game in today’s college football world. That’s like adults continuing to give children participation ribbons, even as the children enter into adulthood.

Graham continued:

In the future, I would love to see us expand to an eight-team playoff and keep the major bowls intact,” Graham said. “Every conference champion gets an automatic bid. You’d have five automatic bids and three at-large. Here’s how that would affect fans. We schedule A&M, Michigan State, LSU. You’d see us playing Oklahoma, Texas. You’d see those games because non-conference doesn’t have a bearing on who gets into the playoff.

This may be a solid plan, but all programs would have to get on board, Arizona State included.

The 2015 season will see Graham’s Sun Devils go up against the likes of┬áCal Poly and New Mexico. Yes, a Southern California-based technical school. How’s that for not scheduling cupcakes?

Photo: USA Today Sports