Arian Foster Helps College Student Pay for Textbooks

College textbooks aren’t cheap for students struggling with their finances. Thanks to Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, Texas A& M student Ernesto Guerrero will not have to worry about getting the books he needs for his college classes.

Guerrero reached out to Foster via Twitter, asking him if he would be able to help out with the cost of his textbooks. Considering Foster might not even see or reply to the tweet, it seemed like a long shot that Guerrero would get any help.

The story actually went in a completely different direction:

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

How kind was that?

Foster is an avid Twitter user and has a following of 506,000 people. It looks like Guerrero’s gamble paid off and he made himself a new friend along the way.

It’s stories like this one that we wish were covered on a more regular basis, especially considering how negative news surrounding the NFL comes out in droves.

Good for you, Mr. Foster.

By the way, Guerrero’s background banner on his Twitter account is huge Houston Texans’ logo.

Photo: USA Today Sports