Aqib Talib says Peyton Manning, not Tom Brady, is GOAT

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to signing with the Denver Broncos in 2014, defensive back Aqib Talib spent two seasons as a New England Patriot with quarterback Tom Brady. When asked to fill in the blank to describe Brady, he said some nice things but stopped short of calling him the GOAT (greatest of all time).

“Tom Brady is a four-time Super Bowl winner, great teammate, great guy, great person.”

Those are some sweet words indeed.

However, when Talib described his current quarterback, Peyton Manning, the defensive back paid the ultimate compliment, calling him the GOAT over Brady.

Since Talib knows which team butters his bread, he definitely responded with the correct fill-in-the-blank answer.

Though after a down season for Manning and pretty stellar campaign by Brady, many might beg to differ which quarterback rightfully should be coined the GOAT, or even the greatest of this generation.

After playing “fill in the blank” with Brady and Manning, Talib said Deion Sanders (aka Prime Time) is the best defensive back of all time, which is also debatable.

Talib completed his 2015 NFL season with three interceptions, two of which he turned into a pick-six. He also had 45 combined tackles in addition to 14 more recorded during the postseason.