Report: Antonio Cromartie filed eviction notice to his own mother

Antonio Cromartie

NFL free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie must be tight on money.

So much so that Cro reportedly asked his mother back in February to start paying the $700 monthly mortgage on a house that he bought her, according to TMZ Sports.

Now, his mother claims that Cromartie has filed an eviction notice unless she pays him $2,310 in backdated house payments by August 15.  Per the report, Cromartie’s sister LaQuinta Gardner has set up a GoFundMe account for her poor mom.

Reportedly, Cromartie’s mom is refusing to pay him because the house purchased in 2007 was supposed to be a gift.

Whether Cromartie has actually squandered away all of him NFL earnings remains unknown. Providing for and feeding his dozen children certainly would put a dent into his finances. However, kicking his mom to the curb certainly seems quite unreasonable.

Since Cromartie entered the league in 2006, he has earned a total cash amount of $44,002,926. As the regular 2016 NFL season inches closer, it would appear that he might be one of the league’s free agents who is destined to remain jobless.

Cromartie last played with the New York Jets in 2015. After an unproductive season, he was released one year early from an original two-year deal.