Antonio Cromartie bashes Roger Goodell, says Tom Brady shouldn’t be suspended

Add Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets to the ever-growing list of players who think Tom Brady shouldn’t be suspended. Not only that, but Cromartie isn’t a big fan of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The talented cornerback spoke about these issues on ESPN’s “First Take” Thursday morning (via Rich Cimini of ESPN) and didn’t hold back his distaste for the way Deflategate has been handled by the league, saying “Roger will do what he wants to do.”

He also noted the previous league action for tampering with a football was just a $25,000 fine, which he believes is sufficient in this case as well.

It’s hard to understand how Goodell can justify the insane discipline levied against Brady and the New England Patriots over this alleged offense of ball tampering. Cromartie makes an excellent point about the fine, and given that precedent, what the league is attempting to do to Brady and the Pats is exorbitant, and quite frankly, asinine.

As more and more information regarding the case, the hearing and everything in between continues to leak out into the public, it has become increasingly apparent that both Brady and Goodell (and his minions) have made mistakes during the process.

Hopefully, the two sides will agree on a reasonable settlement when they meet via court order on August 12. Because honestly calling the Deflategate mess a three-ring circus is an insult to three-ring circuses, and it just needs stop.

Photo Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports