Antonio Brown pays tribute to Pat Tillman with amazing cleats

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is making a statement on Sunday. It’s not one that speaks to the divisive nature of the United States or what’s happening on our streets today. It’s not one to create more drama in a nation that’s currently engulfed in drama itself.

Instead, it’s a simple statement paying tribute to the heroes of years past. Tribute to those who fought and died for everything we as a people should hold dear.

It’s by now well chronicled that former Arizona Cardinals defensive back Pat Tillman gave up a multi-million dollar contract in the NFL to sign up for the Army Rangers after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Then, while serving in Afghanistan less than three years later, Tillman died as a result of friendly fire.

It’s a reminder of the fragility of life. It’s a reminder of a man who gave up everything in order to protect and defend this nation.

Brown paying homage to Tillman comes just a couple days after the United States celebrated Veterans Day. It also comes less than a week after this nation itself was turned upside down following a controversial presidential election.

We respect Brown for making a statement here. We respect his show of support for a fellow American who risked it all to defend this great land. And we continue to respect Tillman for the life he lived and what he gave up for the betterment of society.

Oh, and those cleats are pretty darn awesome.