Antonio Brown on Darius Slay: ‘I’m killing him’

Antonio Brown

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions are holding joint training camp practices. And apparently, Lions cornerback Darius Slay is no match for Steelers stud wide receiver Antonio Brown.

At the very least, this is what Brown would like teammates and coaches to believe during these joint practices.

This is just reason No. 999,000 why Brown deserves a raise. Slay has managed a total of four interceptions during his three seasons with the Lions. He’s performed so well during that span that the Lions gave him a huge contract extension earlier in the summer (more on that here).

Perhaps Slay will receive another opportunity to pick off Big Ben when the Steelers host the Lions on Friday. If not, the two teams do not play during the regular season.

Regarding Brown, he should be set for another monster year. This is providing Roethlisberger can stay healthy all season long while continuing to get the ball to Brown.