Antonio Brown nearly ejected from joint practice

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The NFL preseason hasn’t even started yet, but Antonio Brown is in mid-season form. Well, he’s at least in mid-season form when it comes to arguing with referees.

During a joint practice with the Detroit Lions, Brown unleashed some four-letter words at the official. According to Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune, the exchange nearly got Brown ejected.

Adamski also quoted the scrimmage’s field judge, who said that Brown’s actions would have likely gotten him tossed in a regular season game.

It’s doubtful that there’s anything too serious happening here. Players are rarely ejected from NFL games and virtually never tossed because of something they say.

More likely than not, Brown is just using this time to vent, possibly while hoping to get an early shower from the dog days of camp.

Maybe he’s just pissed about the lack of a new contract and is taking it out on the officials rather than Mike Tomlin and Co.