Antonio Brown has a message for disgruntled NFL stars

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown recently successfully orchestrated one of the most stunning tantrums in NFL history, and it paid off big time for the Oakland Raiders star.

Imposing his will while lashing out at his former team in a number of different ways, he not only got a trade out of Pittsburgh but also landed more immediate money in the process.

Many have wondered if Brown will be just the first of many players who utilize chaos and discord to force their way out of situations they are not happy with.

Speaking on that very subject, Brown has a message for players who might be interested in following his lead.

“Just watch AB. Study AB. That’s it,” Brown said, speaking with Complex Magazine. “If you need help, call Team AB84. We’ve got the best team in the league. We do the best deals, we do the best marketing. Just hit us up if you want your business boomin’.”

Brown elaborated on that sentiment, saying, he thinks he has inspired players “to take hold of their situation, run business better, make business boom, and do the right things in regards to your circumstance. So at the end of the day you can be in the best position.”

He also said he thinks the NFL is changing, and not for the better.

One thing is sure: Brown has changed the game forever. Whether that’s for better or worse remains to be seen.