Andy Reid lauds Patriots: One of the greatest dynasties in NFL history

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to knock off one of the all-time duos when Tom Brady and Bill Belichick bring the New England Patriots to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for the AFC Championship Game.

Speaking about the upcoming contest between the two top-seeded AFC teams Reid showed tremendous respect to his opponent.

“Look forward to the challenge of playing the Patriots this week,” said Reid, per NBC Sports Boston “We know the Patriots. They are very well coached, and they have good players. This isn’t their first rodeo here. They have done this a few times. Arguably, if not the, one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the game.”

The Chiefs head honcho is obviously correct — any objective person has to agree that the Belichick-led Patriots are right up there with the greatest dynasties to ever play this game. Heck, their win on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers set a new record for wins in a single decade, and there’s still a season left to be played to add to that total.

Sunday’s clash at Arrowhead should be a ton of fun to watch. The elements will be a big factor, as temperatures are slated to potentially drop all the way to minus-five degrees Fahrenheit. And the winner will head to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.