Andrew Luck ‘uneven’ during Colts training camp

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck has had some brilliant moments at training camp, showing the Indianapolis Colts that he’s worth every bit of his nine-figure contract. Unfortunately, he’s had some moments where he didn’t particularly resemble a franchise quarterback.

“There were plenty of highlight throws from Luck during this camp, including a sizzling workout last week in which he fired five touchdowns,” per Zak Keefer, Indianapolis Star. “But there were also plenty of interceptions. Some were situational and can be excused; Luck heaved the ball up in 2-minute drills as if it was a Hail Mary. Some were brain cramps that need to be cleaned up.”

Keefer called Luck’s performance “uneven.” He also quoted the quarterback himself, who agreed.

“I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, for sure, like anybody else in training camp,” Luck said. “But that’s part of practice, and you try not to repeat them.”

Quite frankly, the Colts will go as far as Luck takes them. Other players will certainly have some impact on the team, but Luck is Indianapolis’ meal ticket. With that in mind, his struggles are certainly noteworthy and to an extent, troubling.

Still, coming off of an injury riddled season, Colts fans should be more encouraged by Luck’s strong showings. His struggles should make them a little cautious, but they’re not terribly alarming.

The Colts have a new offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, and overall game plan this year. While Indianapolis has done a poor job building around Luck in many respects, the team has provided a fair amount of continuity in his first four seasons. Obviously, that kind of change will take some getting used to.

Additionally, Luck is right. Mistakes are common in training camp, even for the league’s best players. That doesn’t mean seeing a lot of interceptions is fun, but some sloppy performances are not out of the ordinary. It’s much better for Luck to struggle now than when the season begins.