Andrew Luck Takes Responsibility for Colts Turnover Issues

By Rachel Wold

Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck really can’t be faulted for much of anything as the Colts continue to win games and he leads the NFL in passing yards and is tied for the most touchdown passes this season. However, one area where Luck also posts big numbers is in the turnover department.

Luck currently has 19 turnovers, which ranks second behind Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler. Over the course of the first 13 games, Luck has had 13 interceptions and six fumbles. Just last weekend, where the Colts barely squeaked by with a win against Cleveland, Luck fumbled and threw two interceptions.

In fact, Luck takes the blame for the turnovers (via

Too many turnovers. It starts with me. The interceptions, the fumbles; you can’t do it. I don’t know what else to say about it. I work on it in practice, and I’ve got to do it. I’ve just got to take care of the football better.

Even though Luck fosters the blame, the turnovers are not always his fault. Sometimes the ball gets stripped from behind in the offensive backfield because one of the Colts’ offensive linemen got beat on the play. Luck also takes chances in tight situations where he attempts the pass rather than throwing the ball away or taking the sack. Throwing through tight windows is one of the attributes that makes Luck so good. It can also lead to turnovers.

Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton also commented in the turnovers…

I’ve got to find ways to get guys open and give him a check down, give him an outlet, not put him in a position where he has to hold the ball for an extended amount of time in known passing situations. I’ll do a better job there also.

Despite the turnovers, Luck remains among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. With back to back Pro Bowls starting in his rookie season, Luck is certainly doing a whole lot more right than wrong thus far in his young career.

Luck and the Colts host the Houston Texans on Sunday with an opportunity to clinch a second consecutive AFC South title.

Photo: USA Today