Andrew Luck still not throwing regulation footballs

This is a problem, whether the Indianapolis Colts want to admit it or not. It’s nearly June, people, yet Andrew Luck still has not begun throwing a regulation-sized NFL football. Meaning, he’s pretty much right where he was two months ago.

Head coach Frank Reich confirmed this sad state of affairs on Wednesday speaking with reporters after the team’s OTA practice.

Though, he said he’s “not worried at all,’’ per Mike Chappell of Fox 59.

“Right now we’re just continuing to stay in the same mode,’’ he said. “Can’t cut things short. There’s no reason to cut things short. It’s a day-by-day process and evaluation and just staying trusting in that.’’

The big problem with all this is that, just like last summer, the Colts are making claims that aren’t holding up to scrutiny.

A couple months ago, Luck was supposed to start ramping up “an intense throwing regimen” in April and May that was going to tell the team where he’d be at by the end of May.

Only, here we are at the end of May, and Luck hasn’t even thrown a football?

This doesn’t pass the smell test.

Luck still hopes to be passing the ball with no restrictions by the time training camp opens up, which is about two months away at the end of July. But nobody should feel bad about being skeptical that he will be anywhere close to healthy, because to this point there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.