Andrew Luck on which teammate is fastest: ‘That’s like asking a parent who their favorite kid is’

photo courtesy of USA Today

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is surrounded by a pool of incredible talent which includes some speedster wide receivers in  T.Y. Hilton and rookie Phillip Dorsett.

Many have wondered which of the two is actually faster. Luck’s response when asked this question was priceless:

It has been noted by offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton that their 2015 first-round pick, Dorsett has been turning heads with his lightening speed (via the

“You have to really focus on him to see him because a lot of times he is running so fast it’s hard to keep up with,” offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said. “If you look at Phillip, he is a smaller but stout receiver that has exceptional speed. But he has pretty good football aptitude as well.”

Others have also noted how fast Hilton and Dorsett are which makes an average receiver not seem so fast after all.

Even Hilton has remarked on how speedy Dorsett is (via

“I just know he’s fast,” said Hilton. “He gets in and out of his breaks real well, and once I get to teaching him, he’ll be a tremendous help.”

Hilton, who has earned the name The Ghost, is no slouch in the speed department either. He clearly has a knack for finding space to leave his defenders in the dust.

If Luck has a ‘favorite’ he certainly isn’t spilling the beans. Any parent with multiple children has definitely been asked this question. You simply can’t answer it without major backlash. Instead you distract the situation and offer a cookie or perhaps cash to change the subject.

What we do know is that watching Luck with Hilton, Dorsett and full arsenal of skilled players in the backfield is going to be magical this season. Luck could be up for his first career 5,000-yard season with Hilton and Dorsett both potentially scoring double-digit touchdowns along the way.

Photo: USA Today Sports