Andrew Luck on Andre Johnson: “I was in Eighth Grade When he was Drafted”

We know that newly signed Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson isn’t exactly considered young in football years. At 33-years-old, though, Johnson still has some tread on his tires. This enabled Indianapolis to sign the future Hall of Famer to a two-year deal last month.

So leave it to Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck, 25, to point out the gaping age difference between he and the star receiver.

Nice one there. Maybe Luck can welcome Johnson to the team by bringing him a box of Depends and some denture cream.


While Johnson is past his prime years, he still has what it takes to be quite the addition to the Colts’ receiving group.

Of course, Luck was just joking around about a seven-time Pro Bowler that might just help the young quarterback make his Super Bowl dream a reality.

Watch our Frank Gore, you might be called out next.

Photo: USA Today Sports