Alfred Morris Moonlighting as a Waiter

Washington Redskins’ running back Alfred Morris scored two awesome touchdowns on Sunday, then abandoned his day job to go work as a waiter at Ruth’s Chris Restaurant in Arlington, VA.

Shortly after the game, Morris and some of his teammates shed their uniforms and put on aprons to work at a “Celebrity Waiter Night” where they served appetizers to raise money for the charity, “Blitz for the Better Foundation,” which aids families in need in the D.C. area.

In this video interview after playing waiter, when asked how easy the job was, Morris said..

All you do is smile and be polite!

Furthermore, Morris mentioned that his tips went back into the jar. I’m thinking it was a good thing Morris didn’t have to serve LeSean McCoy, the cheap 20 cent-tipper.

Tickets to this charity fundraiser went for $350 each, so hopefully this charity, which also focuses on helping physically challenged or ill children in the local area benefited well.

With all the negative activities surrounding some NFL players, it’s really refreshing to read a story about an upstanding NFL player such as Morris.

Photo: Washington Post