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Al Michaels: Tony Romo ‘No. 1 draft choice’ as NFL broadcast analyst

Tony Romo cake

If you were tuned in last Thursday night when the Dallas Cowboys eked out a win over the Minnesota Vikings, then you likely heard Al Michaels tout Tony Romo as a potential star NFL broadcast analyst.

In a phone interview with SportsDay on Tuesday, Michaels doubled down on that notion. While Peyton Manning is viewed as the hottest commodity on the market when it comes to ex-NFL players who could become color analysts, the best play-by-play man would take Romo every time.

“If I was in the position to hire, he would be my No. 1 draft choice,” Michaels said.

Michaels also said that Romo’s inability to win a championship as a starting quarterback (to this point, anyway — who knows what the rest of 2016 holds?) wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever on a potential career as an analyst.

“Even though he doesn’t have the pedigree, people know Tony,” Michaels said. “You sit with Tony Romo and you learn a lot of things about football.”

During the interview, Michaels also touted Romo’s “knowledge of the game, a strong personality and a great sense of humor,” per Barry Horn of SportsDay.

A true professional as a quarterback for the Cowboys, we have no doubt that Romo would be a phenomenal television analyst as well. One wonders, however, if his love of golf might be a hindering factor when he examines what to do after football.