Agent to NFL on QB rule: You’re ‘ruining our sport’

NFL Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent announced on Thursday that the league will not be changing its newly-minted quarterback hit rule.

After a meeting of the league’s Competition Committee, the announcement made it clear that things won’t change moving forard this season. This came after multiple members of the committee voiced displeasure over the rule.

Now, one of the top agents in the game, David Canter of DEC Management, absolutely put the NFL on blast.


That’s a pretty strong tweet directed at the NFL itself. In the industry for decades, Canter represents the likes of Eric Weddle, Olivier Vernon and Demarcus Lawrence. A vast majority of his high-profile clients are defenders, which raises some questions as it relates to objectivity.

Even then, those who have had the pleasure to talk with Canter knows he’s about as objective and fair-minded as they come.

This comes on the heels of Dolphins defensive lineman William Hayes suffering a torn ACL in an attempt to avoid a personal foul penalty against Derek Carr and the Raiders last week. Let’s not even mention the multiple ridiculous penalties called against Clay Matthews thus far.

One thing is readily apparent here. NFL players are not happy with the current rule. And it’s only going to lead to further drama as the 2018 season progresses. Canter’s take on the topic magnifies that to a T.