Adrian Peterson looking to play 4-5 more years

Adrian Peterson looks to rebuild his career with the Saints.

There is quite the public debate as to whether Arizona Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson is washed-up, or still has plenty of gas left in his tank. The 32-year-old running back is of course among those who still believes he has the fuel to keep going. In fact, Peterson looks to play until the age of 36 or 37 according to this comment.

If this was the Peterson of 2015 talking, we might believe it. Peterson has not scored a touchdown since Week 17 of 2015, sadly enough. He played in three games in 2016 with the Minnesota Vikings, carrying the ball for 72 total yards in three games.

His stint with the New Orleans Saints came to a horrible crash ending after he managed just 3.0 yards per carry in his limited time with the team. Peterson is now going to try his skills with a Cardinals squad that needs a huge boost in its run game.

We will see soon enough what Peterson has to offer when he suits up in Week 6. But the idea of him playing 4-5 more seasons is absolutely absurd.