Adrian Peterson Goes on Social Media Rant Regarding Contract Situation

By Vincent Frank

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson probably doesn’t understand that “tweeting through it” won’t accomplish many goals.

The much maligned veteran went on a pretty absurd Twitter rant on Thursday, talking about everything from how NFL teams don’t honor contracts to how players are thrown to the side “like trash.”

It was a meltdown of epic proportions:

Told you this was a rather epic meltdown.

First off, it seems Peterson is angling for more guaranteed money beyond the 2015 season. Under his current contract, the running back has no more cash guaranteed to him beyond this year. The issue with Peterson indicating teams should honor contracts is that he was paid by the Vikings after being placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List stemming from a child abuse case last year.

It seems Minnesota honored a contract for a player that was sitting at home while his teammates were going to battle every week. There’s an argument to be made about how contracts are formed under the current collective bargaining agreement, but Peterson isn’t the one that should be making said argument.

After all, Minnesota could have shown him the unemployment line after his arrest and no one would have given it a second look.

Remember, Peterson released a statement on Wednesday indicating that the reason he was holding out of the team’s OTAs this week wasn’t because he wanted to be traded. Thursday’s rant backs up that claim even more. He wants more guaranteed money—something that’s simply not going to happen right now.

Photo: USA Today Sports