Aaron Judge hosts free baseball camp in hometown

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Judge might be the talk of the Big Apple, but his star shines from coast to coast in the United States.

Already a record-setting performer at just 26 years old, the New York Yankees outfielder is giving back to his hometown community in California in a big way.

Judge just recently held his first annual baseball camp in Linden, a town in California’s San Joaquin County.

According to The Record, Judge’s camp lasted for four hours and included children from the ages of nine to 14. Unlike other camps we’ve seen put on by professional sports players, this one was free to all the Little Leaguers who participated.

Judge also had a message for those children attending.

“For me, it’s always about having a good attitude. Treat your teammates with respect, put them first and do everything you can for the team — and your team will do pretty well,” Judge said.

It’s a tremendous way for Judge to spend his offseason. He’s giving back to the community that raised him. And it has not been lost on the youngsters who were able to spend their weekend learning from one of MLB’s greats. “This has been very fun. I really appreciate the lessons and that only a few kids got selected,” a young Little Leaguer named Israel said.

A phenom from a young age, Judge has hit 79 homers over his first two full MLB seasons. He led the AL in that category with 52 back in 2017 en route to earning Rookie of the Year honors.

Seen as a larger-than-life figure, the brutish 6-foot-7, 282-pound outfielder might have stood above those he was helping perfect their craft. But much like the kids, it’s just a game to him.

“I just love being outside. I just fell in love with baseball at a young age. I still love it to this day,” Just said.

What a refreshing act of altruism from the young star. Job well done, Aaron.