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Aaron Boone gives positive update on Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge hasn’t made the kind of progress that was initially anticipated since suffering a fracture in his wrist following being hit by a pitch. Instead, his recovery time has dragged along slowly, much to his chagrin.

However, based on comments made by New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone, things could finally be taking a turn toward the positive.

ESPN’s Cole Harvey shared the following update on Friday afternoon: “Aaron Boone says Aaron Judge played catch today and could be in a position to take dry swings this afternoon depending upon how he’s feeling after earlier work.”

That’s all good news. To this point, Judge has not been able to swing a bat outside of the training pool.

Judge has expressed frustration recently that he remains out of the lineup. He’s chomping at the bit to get back into the lineup and help his teammates, who’ve definitely seen their offensive output take a dive since his departure.

Hopefully this update means he’s going to be soon joining them in their quest for postseason glory.