A Week in Brief for Some of Our Favorite NFL Players

From stolen kisses and charity events to Louis Vuitton and popping corks on innocent swans, see how some of your NFL players have been occupying their time this past week.

Robert Griffin III is up for a spontaneous, random game of tackle football and invites everyone to play.

When Richard Sherman isn’t busy cooking at the White House or winning the 2015 Madden Cover, he helps out at youth football camps and gives away his signature gear. Does the guy do nothing wrong?


When he’s not signing the monster contract of a lifetime, Colin Kaepernick is posing for pictures with some of our courageous military folks.

Boys will be boys, Johnny Manziel’s will be Johnny Manziel’s and innocent, inflatable swans will be…defiled.


Drew Brees, looking smashing, out helping honor Arkansas’ best student athletes at a suit and tie banquet.

WAG Alert: Aaron Rodgers is so not pulling off a private kiss with new girlfriend, Olivia Munn.

The filthy rich get richer as Tom Brady closes the sale on his mansion for $40 million to Dr. Dre.


Arian Foster draws like a two-year old and begs for Andre Johnson to remain with the Texans

Victor Cruz, Cruz-ing London showing off his other futual skills.

Who doesn’t like Louis Vuitton? DeSean Jackson’s former agent allegedly bribed him to sign with his agency back in 2009 by offering cash and Louis Vuitton.

Courtesy: pinimg.com
Louis Vuitton

There you have it, folks. The good, the bad, and the just plain weird this week in the NFL.

Photo: Arkansasonline.com