Five hyped NFL Draft prospects who should have stayed in school

For some NFL Draft prospects, the chance to head to the pros, make money and fulfill a lifelong dream is too hard to pass up. Even if that means passing up on a valuable season or two of college football.

For every player who considers it, entering the draft early is an incredible decision. Players who choose to make the jump generally have the talent to make the jump, which sometimes means a high draft pick and big money to follow.

For others, though, going back to school for another all-important season would have been a better option. Not only does it give a player one more campaign to enhance and improve their skills at a high level, but another big season could actually improve their draft stock.

Unfortunately, once a decision is made and announced it’s impossible to go back given the current rules in place.

With that in mind, these five draft prospects may end up regretting not staying in school, even if they do get picked early. At the very least, they could have helped themselves even more.