49ers send out most depressing questionnaire to fans

The San Francisco 49ers are struggling big to win games and currently sit at 0-7. This comes on the heels of a two-year stretch that saw San Francisco win a combined seven games.

This sad fact has apparently prompted the 49ers brass to send out a questionnaire to fans asking how important team wins are?

If fans actually take the time to respond, the answers should be quite priceless. NFL fans typically want to see their team win versus lose, right?

Maybe we are missing something here. The game day experience is fun in and of itself no matter where people choose to watch their favorite team play. If the 49ers actually had a few wins notched this season, fan responses might be more tame.

But the bottom line is, most San Francisco fans are probably at their wits end watching their team lose a heck of a lot more than it wins these days. We cannot wait to see the results of this survey.