49ers rumors: Jerry Rice offers to mentor Antonio Brown

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not a secret that all-time great San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice wants his former team to trade for Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown.

Equally as interesting, Rice recently relayed a conversation he had with Brown noting that the Pro Bowler would like to be traded to San Francisco.

The backstory here is real. Brown has made multiple social media posts indicating that he wants to be a 49er. One in particular showed him in the red and gold while being embraced by Rice.

If Brown were indeed traded to the 49ers, Rice has offered to mentor the embattled star.

“I don’t even know even know if we’re gonna get the opportunity to bring him here, but if we do, I’m gonna be right there to mentor this guy and be around him,” Rice said. “He’s been talking about this forever, ‘I want to run the hill with Jerry Rice. I want to work out with Jerry Rice. I want to pick his brain, and see what made him so successful.’ I think he’s a great football player, and he’d be a great addition.”

Rice’s workout routine during a Hall of Fame career is a thing of legend around the Bay Area and the larger football world. His willingness to mentor Brown adds yet another layer to the possibility that the All-Pro wants to be a 49er.

As it relates to the Steelers, they are more than likely going to move the boisterous receiver. That hasn’t changed despite a recent report indicating that Pittsburgh thinks fences could be mended between the two.