49ers RB coach Tom Rathman using tickle tests to teach ball security

Ball security is everything for NFL running backs, which is why San Francisco 49ers running backs coach and legendary fullback Tom Rathman has implemented a rather curious method for teaching this skill.

He’s having his running backs tickle one another mercilessly while one of them holds onto the ball for dear life.

Here’s a link to the video evidence, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee‘s Matt Barrows.

Needless to say, it’s hilarious to see grown men holding one of their teammates up in the air for a round of tickle torture. The giggles are bountiful.

Football is a game, after all, and games are supposed to be fun. Watching the video above, it’s clear the 49ers are having a blast with this drill.

“Let’s do it again!”

It remains to be seen if this drill will have any impact on the games this year. At the very least, Rathman’s strategy is instilling camaraderie in his group of running backs, which is always a good thing.