49ers’ Jim Tomsula on Social Media: “I Don’t Get it, Personally”

By Rachel Wold
Courtesy of Getty Images: Jim Tomsula’s brief tenure as 49ers head coach hasn’t included many signings.

Don’t look for San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula on any social media platforms, because this is not his preferred method of communication. Sharing his opinion and dislike for Twitter and such, Tomsula had this to say according to Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee:

“I don’t get it, personally. Talking purely personal here, OK? It just so happens every time I hear about it, it’s not in a good way.”

Tomsula was very likely alluding to the blunder his quarterback Colin Kaepernick made when he posted a horribly insensitive comment about the recent flooding in Texas. The flood resulted in the deaths of several people. Kaepernick has since apologized, however his words will be long-remembered.

For this, we can all understand where Tomsula’s opinion stems. But, he should take note that social media can be used for inspiration as in the case of the retirement of offensive lineman Anthony Davis.

Unfortunately, Tomsula’s tainted view of social media is that more bad than good comes from it. Per Barrows, Tomsula has discussed with his players what is and is not appropriate material to post.

“To me, that’s what you can’t do on social media. If you misspeak — and God knows as much as I misspeak, I’d be a disaster on that stuff.”

Tomsula definitely flies the complete opposite of the 49ers’ previous head coach Jim Harbaugh, who is a major Twitter personality and currently has 276,000 followers.

Apparently if Tomsula wants his word to be broadcast to the public, he will do it the old-fashioned way: through a reporter.

Photo: Getty Images