43-year-old QB Matt Hasselbeck says team called him up about playing

Three-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck last played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2015 and has since retired from the league.

Though, according to Kevin Clark of The Ringer, Hasselbeck — now an analyst at ESPN — said “got a call from a contending team this year asking whether he was in shape and available to sign.”

This is at the very least an interesting tidbit of information. It was also a deep dig into the barrel by said team.

For the record, Hasselbeck turned 43 last September. This would be a pretty ripe age to come out of retirement and risk injury and all that is involved with playing quarterback.

Hasselbeck also reflected on taking some final hits at the end of his career.

“Those hits get you in a downward spiral,” Hasselbeck said. “It’s one hit that gets you, and then life is miserable.”

Regarding the “contending” team that reached out, we must all wonder exactly which one it was. The Washington Redskins would make the most sense.