2024 MLB Draft: Latest draft order, 2024 MLB Draft lottery guide, more

2024 MLB Draft order, MLB Draft lottery

The 2023 Major League Baseball season is over and while America’s Pastime is done for now, fans can look forward to free agency, trades and the 2024 MLB Draft. Here, we’ll provide you with a guide for everything you need to know.

Until 2023, the MLB Draft order was always determined by the reverse order of the regular-season standings. That all changed with the introduction of the draft lottery. The inaugural lottery provided surprising results a year ago and there was even more excitement for the 2024 MLB Draft lottery.

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Let’s dive into the 2024 MLB Draft order right now, a guide for everything to know about the draft lottery and highlight some of the top MLB Draft prospects in 2024. We’ll update this page throughout the winter with a 2024 MLB mock draft coming in December.

2024 MLB Draft order (following draft lottery)

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Here is the current order for the 2024 MLB Draft. Importantly, the MLB Draft lottery determined the order for non-playoff teams. Despite the Cleveland Guardians boasting a 2% chance of getting the top pick, that’s exactly what happened during the draft lottery at the MLB Winter Meetings on Dec. 5.

  1. Cleveland Guardians
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. Oakland Athletics
  5. Chicago White Sox
  6. Kansas City Royals
  7. St. Louis Cardinals
  8. Los Angeles Angels
  9. Pittsburgh Pirates
  10. Washington Nationals – Ineligible to pick higher than 10th
  11. Detroit Tigers
  12. Boston Red Sox
  13. San Francisco Giants
  14. Chicago Cubs
  15. Seattle Mariners
  16. Miami Marlins
  17. Milwaukee Brewers
  18. Tampa Bay Rays
  19. New York Mets – Dropped 10 spots for competitive balance tax penalty
  20. Toronto Blue Jays
  21. Minnesota Twins
  22. Baltimore Orioles
  23. Los Angeles Dodgers
  24. Atlanta Braves
  25. San Diego Padres – Dropped 10 spots for competitive balance tax penalty
  26. New York Yankees – Dropped 10 spots for competitive balance tax penalty
  27. Philadelphia Phillies
  28. Houston Astros
  29. Arizona Diamondbacks
  30. Texas Rangers

2024 MLB Draft order after Round 1

Here is the MLB Draft order after Round 1 for the prospect promotion incentive picks, compensation picks and the Competitive Balance Round.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks – Received for Corbin Carroll winning NL Rookie of the Year
  2. Baltimore Orioles – Received for Gunnar Henderson winning AL Rookie of the Year
  3. Minnesota Twins – Compensation for Sonny Gray signing with St. Louis Cardinals
  4. Milwaukee Brewers – Acquired from Baltimore Orioles (Corbin Burnes trade)
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks
  6. Cleveland Guardians
  7. Pittsburgh Pirates
  8. Colorado Rockies
  9. Kansas City Royals

Round 2 MLB Draft order

  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Kansas City Royals
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. Chicago White Sox
  5. Washington Nationals
  6. Los Angeles Angels
  7. New York Mets
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates
  9. Cleveland Guardians
  10. Detroit Tigers
  11. Boston Red Sox
  12. San Francisco Giants
  13. Cincinnati Reds
  14. San Diego Padres
  15. New York Yankees
  16. Chicago Cubs
  17. Seattle Mariners
  18. Miami Marlins
  19. Milwaukee Brewers
  20. Tampa Bay Rays
  21. Toronto Blue Jays
  22. Minnesota Twins
  23. Baltimore Orioles
  24. Atlanta Braves
  25. Philadelphia Phillies
  26. Arizona Diamondbacks
  27. Texas Rangers

Competitive Balance Round B

  1. Tampa Bay Rays
  2. Milwaukee Brewers
  3. Chicago White Sox (via SEA)
  4. Minnesota Twins
  5. Miami Marlins
  6. Cincinnati Reds
  7. Detroit Tigers
  8. Oakland Athletics

2024 MLB Draft top prospects

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Here are some of the top prospects in the 2024 MLB Draft, as scouted by MLB.com and Baseball America. The following prospects haven’t been ranked and they are separated by college and high school entries.

2024 MLB Draft college prospects

  • Nick Kurtz, 1B, Wake Forest
  • Travis Bazzana, 2B, Oregon State
  • Chase Burns, RHP, Wake Forest
  • Jac Caglianone, 1B, Florida
  • Vance Honeycutt, OF, North Carolina
  • Charlie Condon, 1B/OF, Georgia
  • JJ Weatherholt, SS, West Virginia
  • Malcolm, Moore, C, Stanford
  • Tommy White, 3B, LSU
  • Braden Montgomery, OF, Texas A&M
  • Brody Brecht, RHP, Iowa

2024 MLB Draft high school prospects

  • PJ Morlando, OF, Summerville HS
  • Cam Caminiti, P/OF, Saguaro HS
  • Noah Franco, OF/P, IMG Academy
  • Bryce Rainer, 3B/P, Harvard-Westlake
  • Caleb Bonemer, SS, Okemos HS
  • Cade Arrambide, C, Tomabll HS
  • Konnor Griffin, OF/P, Jackson Prep
  • Ryan Sloan, RHP, York Comm. HS
  • Derek Curiel, OF, Orange Lutheran
  • Koey Oakie, RHP, Ankeny Centennial
  • Charlie Bates, SS, Palo Alto HS

2024 MLB Draft FAQ

When is the 2024 MLB Draft?

The 2024 MLB Draft will be held in July in Arlington, Texas. While a set date hasn’t been announced, it will happen during the 2024 MLB All-Star Break.

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Who has the first pick in the 2024 MLB Draft?

The Cleveland Guardians have the first pick in the 2024 MLB Draft.

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Why do the Diamondbacks and Orioles have two first round picks?

The Baltimore Orioles and Arizona Diamondbacks have two first round picks in the 2024 MLB Draft because shortstop Gunnar Henderson (Orioles) and outfielder Corbin Carroll (Diamondbacks) won 2023 Rookie of the Year.

Who has the most first round picks in the 2024 MLB Draft?

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Baltimore Orioles have two first round picks in 2024, courtesy of Corbin Carroll and Gunnar Henderson winning Rookie of the Year.

How does the 2024 MLB Draft lottery work?

Major League Baseball holds a draft lottery among all 18 teams that didn’t make the postseason to determine the order of the first six picks in the draft. Teams with worse records have the highest odds, with the three worst teams having an equal chance at the first pick.

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What pick do the Yankees have in 2024?

The New York Yankees have the 26th overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft.

What pick do the Mets have in 2024?

The New York Mets have the 19th overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft. The Mets dropped 10 spots in the MLB Draft order for exceeding the competitive balance tax.

When is the MLB Draft lottery?

The MLB Draft lottery was on Tuesday, December 5 at 3:30 PM ET.

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Who is the best player in the 2024 MLB Draft?

Summerville High School outfielder PJ Morlando (South Carolina) and Wake Forest Demon Deacons first baseman Nick Kurtz are two of the best 2024 MLB Draft prospects.

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How many rounds in the 2024 MLB Draft?

There are 20 rounds in the 2024 MLB Draft with over 600 players expected to be selected across all 20 rounds in July 2024.

Why aren’t the Washington Nationals eligible for the draft lottery?

The Washington Nationals aren’t eligible for the MLB Draft lottery in 2024 because they pay into revenue sharing and had a lottery pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. As a result, under CBA rules, the Nationals can’t pick any sooner than the 10th overall pick.

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2024 MLB Draft Lottery Guide

MLB Draft lottery odds 2024

Here were the 2024 MLB Draft lottery odds. The listed odds are for the first overall pick.

  1. Oakland Athletics – 18.3 percent
  2. Kansas City Royals – 18.3 percent
  3. Colorado Rockies – 18.3 percent
  4. Chicago White Sox – 14.7 percent
  5. St. Louis Cardinals – 8.3 percent
  6. Los Angeles Angels – 6.1 percent
  7. New York Mets* – 4.3 percent
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates – 3 percent
  9. Cleveland Guardians – 2 percent
  1. Washington Nationals – N/A
  2. Detroit Tigers – 1.6 percent
  3. Boston Red Sox – 1.2 percent
  4. San Francisco Giants – 1 percent
  5. Cincinnati Reds – 0.9 percent
  6. San Diego Padres* – 0.7 percent
  7. New York Yankees* – 0.6 percent
  8. Chicago Cubs – 0.4 percent
  9. Seattle Mariners – 0.2 percent
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