Kyler Murray NFL Draft: Dispelling myths about the diminutive QB

3“He’s too small”

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Murray might be smaller than both Drew Brees (6-foot) and Russell Wilson (5-foot-11). But are those two-to-three inches really going to matter too much in the NFL? Both Brees and Wilson proved that smallish quarterbacks can have success in the NFL. To a lesser extent, the 6-foot-1 Mayfield also proved this during his rookie season with the Browns.

Some might want to compare Murray to Browns draft bust Johnny Manziel. Almost the same stature and the like. That’s absurd. The only comparison here is that both played college ball.

Murray is a much different type of quarterback with an ability to have success in the pocket. Johnny Football relied on his athleticism to get things done. There’s no reason to believe Murray can’t see over defensive lines from the pocket. To suggest this is downright false. Period.