Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler surprised many when he accepted a job with FOX Sports on Friday, stepping away from the NFL. Interestingly, his first game in the broadcast booth will come against his former team.

Naturally, Cutler has been all the buzz in the sports world, and former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was not shy at all about making his feelings known.

Jacobs absolutely destroyed Cutler during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Jacobs refers to Cutler as “disengaged” and says he only played football because his “parents wanted him to play.” He also rips where Cutler went to college, which was Vanderbuilt.

In the end, Jacobs said that Cutler is better off watching football “next to me” when asked if he thinks Cutler will land with another team.

Jacobs’ NFL career ended in 2013 when he made a return back to his Giants after playing one uneventful season with the San Francisco 49ers in 2012.

He is a two-time Super Bowl champion. Something that Cutler very likely at this stage of his career will not accomplish.