New York GiantsĀ 

Jerry Reese

Longtime general manager Jerry Reese has a surprisingly bad track record when it comes to the draft. He has some very notable hits, including recent hits like Sterling Shepard, Landon Collins and Odell Beckham Jr.

But overall? It’s not a pretty picture, folks.

“The players the Giants drafted since Jerry Reese became GM in 2007 combined to play a league-low 10,767 offensive and defensive snaps in the NFL this season,” wrote ESPN Insider scribe Mike Sando before last year’s draft. “Other teams’ picks over the same span averaged 16,448 snaps per team, or about 53 percent more snaps than the Giants’ selections.”

This is highlighted all the more by the insane amount of money the Giants had to throw at free agents last year and this offseason to feature a dynamic defense.

Eli Manning is getting older, and the team has admitted it’s probably time to look for his replacement. But the Giants haven’t drafted a quarterback higher than Round 4 since landing Manning in 2004 in the famed Philip Rivers trade with San Diego.

Reese has gotten a lot of credibility because the Giants have won two Super Bowls under his leadership. But little of that success came because of his drafting. It’s also worth pointing out the team has made it to the playoffs just twice in the past eight seasons and once in its last five.