New Orleans has never saved anyone from trouble. Just ask those who frequent Bourbon Street or make a point of hitting up Mardi Gras.

For his part, Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins needs to no reason to find himself in trouble. It’s what led to him being jettisoned from California’s capital city when the Sacramento Kings moved him to New Orleans last month.

Now attempting to bring the Pelicans back to legitimacy with fellow All-Star big man Anthony Davis, Cousins short stint in the Bayou has not gone according to plan.

New Orleans boasts a 3-6 record with Cousins in the lineup since the aforementioned trade. He’s also had to sit out a game to suspension after crossing the technical foul threshold for the season (more on that here).

Cousins is now reportedly feeling the pain himself. According to a press release from the NBA, the enigmatic center has been fined $50,000 for multiple uses of inappropriate language directed at fans.

This is yet another instance of Cousins hot-head mentality getting the best of him. And instead of it impacting the Pelicans, it will surely be felt in his pocketbook.

Some had hoped that Cousins would turn the corner after his often drama-filled tenure in Sacramento. As of yet, that obviously has not happened in New Orleans.