The New York Jets are heavily involved in the sweepstakes to sign recently released quarterback Jay Cutler, reports NFL Network’s Mike Silver.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported that the Jets are leading the interested teams, cutting into ESPN’s broadcast of the ACC Tournament to do so.

A potential Cutler signing to the Jets would be the latest move in what this scribe likes to call the Quarterback Carousel of Misery.

Cutler will not help the New York Jets, unless their goal is to tank (in which case they should be playing last year’s second round pick, Christian Hackenberg).

He will be 34 years old when the 2017 season starts. Cutler played five games last season and threw interceptions on 3.6 percent of his passes and has a long, storied history of making everyone who surrounds him miserable. He was outperformed by Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley last season.

Any team that thinks Cutler will help them win football games is fooling themselves. Better to draft a quarterback, or at least sign a younger quarterback with more upside (though upside is a relative term when talking about this free agent class sans Tony Romo).

The only good thing that will come out of a Cutler stint in New York is a media frenzy when Cutler starts pouting after a loss — and Jets fans won’t be the ones enjoying it.