In just over a month from now, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will likely be calling a new city home. We just don’t know what team that might be or in which way Romo will move on from Dallas.

The writing has been on the wall for some time here. Youngster Dak Prescott took over for an injured Romo during the preseason and led his Cowboys to a 13-3 mark and the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC. Since then, it’s been a foregone conclusion that Romo will leave the Cowboys this offseason.

With the Denver Broncos bandied about as a potential landing spot, there promises to be other teams show interest in the former Pro Bowl quarterback. Now, according to one report, it appears that Romo wants to go to a team that faces the Cowboys next season.

“According to two NFL sources, quarterback Tony Romo would like to play for a team that faces the Cowboys next season,” Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported on Wednesday. “That means Kansas City, Denver, Arizona or Washington would likely be the landing spots for him depending on what happens.”

There’s a couple different things to look at here.

Dallas faces the AFC West in 2017. Process of elimination there indicates that both the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders are out of the equation. Each of those two teams have elite-level quarterbacks. This leaves Denver and Kansas City as possibilities in that division.

The second thing to look at here is the latter half of Cole’s report. Dallas finished in first place in the NFC East. This means the team will take on both Atlanta and Green Bay in 2017. Neither of those two teams are in need of a quarterback.

This leaves both the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West and potentially the Washington Redskins in the NFC East as possibilities should Romo ultimately decide playing the Cowboys is important.

While Cole left out San Francisco as a potential landing spot, soon-to-be 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan could potentially change that. Romo is the type of quarterback Shanahan has worked with in the past. He fits the scheme set to be implemented in San Francisco as well.

Either way, it is rather interesting that Romo would want to actually face his former team next season. Whether that means he will is a completely different story.