The New York Jets could have some really hard decisions to make during the 2016 NFL Draft. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t expected to be signed when the team heads to Chicago for the big shindig, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

This isn’t really a shocking development. The Jets and Fitzpatrick haven’t been close all offseason long as it pertains to contract talks.

Fitzpatrick believes he should be getting legitimate starter-caliber money (around $16 million per year) while the Jets are reportedly not offering a heck of a lot more than $8 million per year.

The Jets feel like Fitzpatrick’s success in 2015 stemmed from Chan Gailey’s system and the team’s two dynamic receivers, Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. The quarterback, of course, would have us believe he was the reason the two receivers combined for 26 touchdowns.

The money standing in the way of a deal being struck is a huge problem, and the Jets aren’t waiting around for it to resolve itself.

After the Houston Texans released Brian Hoyer on Sunday, it was reported that the Jets are interested in him and could be bringing him in as soon as this week for a workout. Hoyer would be significantly cheaper and likely not a whole lot worse than Fitzpatrick, playing with the team’s stud receivers.

The Jets could potentially make a move up into the top 10 during the draft if the quarterback situation isn’t resolved by then. One potential trace partner could be the San Francisco at No. 7, and Muhammad Wilkerson has been bandied about as a potential trade piece in such a deal.

Whatever happens, this is a story worth tracking for NFL fans and teams alike. What the Jets do at quarterback will have somewhat of a ripple effect that could benefit another team or two down the line.