Von Miller

While Von Miller and the Denver Broncos had been working on a long term deal, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that an agreement between the two sides does not seem likely.

This is certainly frustrating news for the Broncos and Miller, as long-term deals are preferable to franchise tags. With that said, it’s not cataclysmic news, as the franchise tag option is not a bad Plan B for either side and there will still be time to work out a long-term deal.

For the Broncos, while a long term deal would likely supply more contract flexibility, the franchise tag would guarantee that Miller will be on the 2016 team as they try to defend their Super Bowl championship.

For Miller, it’s more than $14 million for a single season, though it doesn’t provide any guarantees beyond that.

Still, Miller, who will be 27 in March, will find himself looking at a long-term deal next offseason if he doesn’t work something out this year with the Broncos. That said, it will be shocking if the two sides don’t get something worked out before it’s too late.