To say that Josh Gordon has had his fair share of issues since his days with Baylor would be a dramatic understatement. His latest off-field issues, a failed drug test, may very well cost Gordon the entire 2014 season. 

Outside of the potential impact it might have for the Cleveland Browns on the field, some close to Gordon have expressed concern that he won’t be able to handle being away from the team for a year (via

Sources close to Gordon have told they’re concerned that if he’s away from the team for a year and away from his support system, that he’ll have a tough time making it back into the NFL.

The sources point to Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon, the former first-round pick, who was suspended indefinitely in November of 2013 for violating the substance abuse policy and isn’t expected to be re-instated in 2014.

It might not seem like a big deal to common fans, but there is a brotherhood around the National Football League. Once a player is separated from that and the daily routine that comes with being a member of a team, he can end up in some dark places. This has happened over and over again throughout the modern history of the game.

Someone like Gordon, who hasn’t been immune from issues off the field, could feel this even more.

His appeal is set for later this month. If Gordon’s suspension is upheld, he will not be able to return to team activities until he is re-instated by the NFL, which won’t come until next year…at the earliest.

Photo: Fox Sports