This is a story that seems too unreal to be true. The Dallas Cowboys, who have been dealing with more injuries than most NFL teams over the past couple seasons, decided to go away from the norm when it comes to pre-game and workout equipment. 

When we say “against the norm,” we really mean it.

According to Brandon George of Dallas News, one such piece of equipment is simply called a “vibration machine.” Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley had this to say about what it does. 

You push this button and it starts to shake really fast,” Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley said. “You sit different muscles on there and it makes them feel a lot looser, like you’ve stretched. So they’re making an effort. They’re trying to do stuff different and have more stuff for guys to use because obviously not everybody is the same.

I think that quote is best left alone.

Running back DeMarco Murray chimed in…

You get a better stretch than you do yourself,” Murray said. “You actually have to push yourself on some of those machines, so I think it’s a good deal for us.

In addition to the vibration machine, the Cowboys have also installed ballet bars.

Somtimes the story writes itself, guys and gals.

Photo: USA Today