Today on Sportsnaut Unfiltered TC is joined by Greg Vara to talk about the Masters Tournament that begins today. Greg gives us his 2014 Masters predictions along with a handful of reasons why he is making each of them. He also offers insight into why it is so difficult to pick winners in the world of fantasy golf.   Listen now…

2014 Masters Predictions

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2014 Masters Predictions:

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2014 Masters Predictions:

  • TC asks about Craig Stadler at the Masters this year.
  • Find out who Greg thinks make the best players at the Masters.
  • Who on Derek’s List  of potential champions does Greg really not agree with?
  • Listen in to find out more!

TC and Greg get right to it today kicking off Spring with talk about the Masters.  Greg fills us in on how difficult it can be getting inside an athletes mind trying to figure out what is going on especially when they hit a downward spiral. The guys dive deeper into why the guys that have played well in the past at the Masters continue to play well. Even though the Masters is just underway today we are already looking forward in the calendar to when there could be a big tournament here in the Twin Cities since both TC and Greg are Twin Cities guys.  Greg lets us in on when we can expect to see some golf action here. It sounds like the Ryder Cup may just be in our future! With all that being said we just can’t let the opportunity pass to pay tribute to Harold Ramis. You won’t want to miss out as TC and Greg recast the classic movie Caddyshack! Listen in to find out who Greg would pick to fill such iconic roles as Ty Webb, Al Czervik, and Judge Elihu Smails!

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