Welcome to Sportsnaut’s first ever fantasy baseball mock draft. Many fantasy baseball drafts will take place for the next two weeks, so we gathered 10 die-hard baseball fans, drafted our teams, and now want to share the results. There were some expected picks, some risky picks and some flat out questionable picks.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

The format for this league is pretty standard. Snake draft, 10 teams, head-to-head matchups. Rosters consist of one player for each position and one utility player. For pitching, you are allowed to pitch as many starters or relievers as you want. As you’ll see below, some chose the route of middle relief while others focused on closers in Sportsnaut’s 2014 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft.


Offense – average (Avg.), home runs (HR), runs batted in (RBI), runs (R), stolen bases (SB), strikeouts (K), and on-base plus slugging (.OPS).

Pitching – wins (W), strikeouts (K), earned run average (ERA), quality starts (QS), holds (H), saves (SV), walks and hits per inning pitched (WHIP) and on-base percentage against (OBA).

Here are the round-by-round results, along with some thoughts from those involved on why they picked who they did. Each thought is from an individual who took part in the draft.

Round 1

1 Miguel Cabrera, Det 3B @JoshCollacchi
2 Mike Trout, LAA OF @JessMLB
3 Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B @VincentFrankNFL
4 Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP @Donnystwit
5 Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF Big Smitty
6 Troy Tulowitzki, Col SS Lil’ Smitty
7 Adam Jones, Bal OF Peter
8 Chris Davis, Bal 1B @TCEverybody
9 Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF @DW_WWBD
10 Stephen Strasburg, Wsh SP Phil


Kim Klement, USA Today: The scarcity of productive third basemen far outweighs outfielders
Kim Klement, USA Today: The scarcity of productive third basemen far outweighs outfielders

Josh – “With the first overall pick, the everlasting debate of Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout is evident. But it was not a question in a format where just three outfielders are drafted, and just one player at every other position. The scarcity of productive third basemen far outweighs outfielders”.

Jess – “Mike Trout on my fantasy team?! Yes please.”

Derek – “Drafting with my head, not my heart, I’m taking the risk that Ellsbury has a big season with the short porches of Yankee Stadium, but he needs to stay healthy. His stolen bases are key when added to typical runs, average and low number of strikeouts.”

Lil’ Smitty – “Shortstops who put up the numbers Tulo does, deserve higher value and a first-round pick. If he stays healthy he’s a fantasy stud.”

TC – “Chris Davis was a panic pick which I may come to regret, but riding the big year he had in 2013.”

Jessica – ‘I’d like my new nickname to be Default. Learn it, love it, live it!’

 Big Smitty- “Cutch, so happy to get him.  Does everything well and is the golden age of 27, turning 28 this year.  I honestly don’t think he and Trout are that different from a fantasy perspective.”

Round 2

11 Felix Hernandez, Sea SP Phil
12 Prince Fielder, Tex 1B @DW_WWBD
13 Joey Votto, Cin 1B @TCEverybody
14 Bryce Harper, Wsh OF Peter
15 Adrian Beltre, Tex 3B Lil’ Smitty
16 Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF Big Smitty
17 Robinson Cano, Sea 2B @Donnystwit
18 Ryan Braun, Mil OF @VincentFrankNFL
19 Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B @JessMLB
20 Hanley Ramirez, LAD SS @JoshCollacchi


Lil’ Smitty – “Adrian Beltre: one of the most underrated hitters in the game. With strikeouts as an offensive stat, Beltre’s stands out with his consistency.”

Derek – “I was torn between getting a power bat in the second round and ultimately chose Fielder over Votto/Harper. Left handed hitters in Texas seem to rake, and I’m hoping the change in scenery brings back the homers from Prince.”

Vincent –  “Braun may be coming off a scandal and a down season, but he has first-round upside. It’s a risk well worth taking, especially when you consider how deep the OF position if. If Braun doesn’t pan out, I can alway slide a bench option in there and still be okay heading down the stretch.”

Big Smitty – “What did CarGo do to deserve going 16th overall? Exactly. I’ll take him with a big smile on my face.”


Round 3

21 Jason Kipnis, Cle 2B @JoshCollacchi
22 Carlos Gomez, Mil OF @JessMLB
23 Yu Darvish, Tex SP @VincentFrankNFL
24 Evan Longoria, TB 3B @Donnystwit
25 David Wright, NYM 3B Big Smitty
26 Adam Wainwright, StL SP Lil’ Smitty
27 Yasiel Puig, LAD OF Peter
28 Chris Sale, CWS SP @TCEverybody
29 David Price, TB SP @DW_WWBD
30 Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF Phil


Jerome Miron, USA Today: Price is set for a massive year
Jerome Miron, USA Today: Price is set for a massive year

Derek – “I want to get a few aces on my squad, especially in a 10-team league. Price is set for a massive year.”

TC – “I wanted to load up on pitchers and Sale is a young arm coming in to his prime.”

Peter – “Puig put up huge numbers but is somewhat of  a hot head. If he grows up, his numbers could get scary good. I like him.”

Vincent- “Darvish is always going to be in the AL Cy Young conversation. He provides 250-plus strikeout upside and will give you 220-plus innings.”

 Big Smitty- “David Wright:  Two of the last three years he’s been hindered by injuries which is a definite concern.  He’s was having one of his best seasons last year until he got hurt and when he does play, he’s arguably the second or third best 3B in the game.”

Round 4

31 Joe Mauer, Min C Phil
32 Dustin Pedroia, Bos 2B @DW_WWBD
33 Justin Verlander, Det SP @TCEverybody
34 Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B Peter
35 Buster Posey, SF C Lil’ Smitty
36 Cliff Lee, Phi SP Big Smitty
37 Albert Pujols, LAA 1B @Donnystwit
38 Max Scherzer, Det SP @VincentFrankNFL
39 Ian Desmond, Wsh SS @JessMLB
40 Madison Bumgarner, SF SP @JoshCollacchi


Brad Barr, USA Today: Sale in the 5th and Verlander in the 6th? Hello awesome pitching staff.
Brad Barr, USA Today: Sale in the 5th and Verlander in the 6th? Hello awesome pitching staff.

Donny – “I took Pujols here because I feel he’s healthy and the Angels made improvements to their offense. Even a glimpse of the Pujols we’ve seen in the past makes this a great value pick.”

Lil’ Smitty – “A solid catcher who puts up numbers like Posey can be valuable in a league like this. I may have reached a tad for him.”

TC – “Sale in the fifth and Verlander in the sixth? Hello awesome pitching staff.”


Round 5

41 Jose Bautista, Tor OF @JoshCollacchi
42 Alex Rios, Tex OF @JessMLB
43 Yadier Molina, StL C @VincentFrankNFL
44 Masahiro Tanaka, NYY SP @Donnystwit
45 Ian Kinsler, Det 2B Big Smitty
46 Jose Fernandez, Mia SP Lil’ Smitty
47 Jose Reyes, Tor SS Peter
48 Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B @TCEverybody
49 Matt Carpenter, StL 2B @DW_WWBD
50 Jose Altuve, Hou 2B Phil


Steve Mitchell, USA Today: He’s got the stuff to be great.
Steve Mitchell, USA Today: He’s got the stuff to be great.

Lil’ Smitty – “Jose Fernandez: He’s got the stuff to be great. If he didn’t play for Miami, he’d probably be drafted in rounds 1-3.”

Donny – “I really like Tanaka’s potential with the Yankees. This could be a huge value pick if he holds up physically during a MLB season.”

Peter – “I normally wouldn’t have taken Reyes, but I thought he was a decent value in the fifth– since I had no intention of taking him, the fact that I did totally slipped my mind and I took Segura immediately afterwards.”

Vincent- “Catcher is a prime position. Once you get past the few few, there is a huge drop off. Molina began his career as a great defensive catcher, and now his offense has caught up with him. Needed to make this pick.”

Big Smitty- “I am not really a fan of Kinsler.  I know he’s irritated about the trade to Detroit and hoping the chip on his shoulder plus hitting in the Central will push the batting average closer to .280.”


Round 6

51 Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B Phil
52 Wil Myers, TB OF @DW_WWBD
53 Jay Bruce, Cin OF @TCEverybody
54 Jean Segura, Mil SS Peter
55 Brandon Phillips, Cin 2B Lil’ Smitty
56 David Ortiz, Bos DH Big Smitty
57 Asdrubal Cabrera, Cle SS @Donnystwit
58 Josh Donaldson, Oak 3B @VincentFrankNFL
59 Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF @JessMLB
60 Matt Kemp, LAD OF @JoshCollacchi


Christopher Hanewinckel, USA Today: He has 30-plus HR and 110-plus RBI power.
Christopher Hanewinckel, USA Today: He has 30-plus HR and 110-plus RBI power.

Lil’ Smitty – “With Brandon Phillips, I’m hoping he hits in the two spot behind Hamilton. Perhaps that increases RBI/Runs. Also protecting Joey Votto and Jay Bruce.” 

Phil – “A healthy Zimmerman at a thin position could pay off, especially at this point in the draft.”

Derek – “I had Wil Myers on my team last year and he handled himself quite well for a rookie. I’m looking for big things from him this year. I considered Matt Kemp, but went for youth.”

Vincent- “Yet another position that sees a drop off after a bit, Donaldson is primed for another stellar season in Oakland. The  way his career is shaping out and projecting trends, there is no reason to believe he can’t hit 35-plus homers and drive in 110-plus runs.”

Big Smitty- “Papi:  Yes, he does hinder a team since he’s only a DH but he’s also just so dang consistent.  Anyone who watched the end of last season and the World Series can see that he doesn’t look to be slowing down.”


Round 7

61 Craig Kimbrel, Atl RP @JoshCollacchi
62 Zack Greinke, LAD SP @JessMLB
63 Elvis Andrus, Tex SS @VincentFrankNFL
64 Salvador Perez, KC C @Donnystwit
65 Anibal Sanchez, Det SP Big Smitty
66 Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1B Lil’ Smitty
67 Homer Bailey, Cin SP Peter
68 Gio Gonzalez, Wsh SP @TCEverybody
69 Mat Latos, Cin SP @DW_WWBD
70 Eric Hosmer, KC 1B Phil



Josh – “Normally, a common strategy is not to draft closers until later in the draft, if at all. But since Kimbrel fell to 61, he was the best player on the board, and no one else was a value at that pick. Kimbrel is the safest choice at the closer position, simply because he has the highest job security.”

Derek – “I begin looking at starting pitchers I think will become elite this year, and that guy to me, is Mat Latos.”

Lil’ Smitty – What has Adrian Gonzalez done (or not done) to drop to 66th?! This is an absolute steal in my mind. 30/100 guy potentially.”

TC – “Again, I wanted a solid pitching staff, and Gio makes my team stacked.”

Jess- “I really like Hunter Pence. I really love the face pitchers make at him when he’s going up to the plate. He does this weird interpretive dance that’s electrifying.”


Round 8

71 Desmond Jennings, TB OF Phil
72 Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3B @DW_WWBD
73 James Shields, KC SP @TCEverybody
74 Manny Machado, Bal 3B Peter
75 Aroldis Chapman, Cin RP Lil’ Smitty
76 Mike Minor, Atl SP Big Smitty
77 Matt Holliday, StL OF @Donnystwit
78 Yoenis Cespedes, Oak OF @VincentFrankNFL
79 Justin Upton, Atl OF @JessMLB
80 Carlos Santana, Cle C @JoshCollacchi


Thoughts of owners: Lil’ Smitty – “Aroldis Chapman: Saves an K’s, saves and K’s, saves and K’s. Enough said.”

TC – “James Shields is super consistent and becomes my fourth starter behind Verlander, Sale and Gio Gonzalez. I’ll take that any day”.

Derek – I’ve had special place in my heart for Pedro Alvarez since I saw him launch balls deep into the night as a prospect for the Pirates. If he figures out how to NOT strikeout, he’s a 40-homer threat. Plus, he’s at 3B which I now have two of (Carpenter).”

Peter – “I’m a bit scared of Machado’s injury, but at worse, he’s really good. Maybe a year or two away from being great.”

 Jess- “Justin Upton is a strong guy to have on the team. Just hope he’s figured out in infield-fly rule by now.”

Round 9

81 Jordan Zimmermann, Wsh SP @JoshCollacchi
82 Kenley Jansen, LAD RP @JessMLB
83 Matt Cain, SF SP @VincentFrankNFL
84 Doug Fister, Wsh SP @Donnystwit
85 Allen Craig, StL 1B Big Smitty
86 Greg Holland, KC RP Lil’ Smitty
87 Jurickson Profar, Tex 2B Peter
88 Ben Zobrist, TB 2B @TCEverybody
89 Shelby Miller, StL SP @DW_WWBD
90 Sonny Gray, Oak SP Phil


Thoughts of owners: Derek – “I was looking for a young arm who did well down the stretch, specifically in the National League. Shelby Miller and Sonny Gray were my choices, and I went NL vs AL. Sorry Sonny.”

Phil – “Speaking of Sonny, thanks Derek! I love the idea of what Sonny Gray can do in Oakland this year. I can’t believe I got him at pick NINETY.”

Vincent – “It’s interesting to look at Cain as tapped out in terms of potential, but that’s what he is…someone that will give you 15-plus wins, 210-plus innings and between 160 and 190 strikeouts. Not bad in the ninth round.”

Round 10

91 Matt Moore, TB SP Bleu 13’s
92 Domonic Brown, Phi OF @DW_WWBD
93 Addison Reed, Ari RP @TCEverybody
94 Danny Salazar, Cle SP Peter
95 Julio Teheran, Atl SP Lil’ Smitty
96 Hisashi Iwakuma, Sea SP Big Smitty
97 Josh Hamilton, LAA OF @Donnystwit
98 Jason Heyward, Atl OF @VincentFrankNFL
99 Kyle Seager, Sea 3B @JessMLB
100 Jered Weaver, LAA SP @JoshCollacchi


Lil’ Smitty – “With the Braves’ rotation on crutches, Julio Teheran could be a steal in the 10th round.”

Donny  – “I am going for rebound guys. I think Hamilton figures it out this year in this Angeles line-up, and that could result in huge numbers. Health is going to be the risk.”

Big Smitty – “Hisashi Iwakuma could be a great value here, or he could be a guy who flattens out. I took a chance here.”

Vincent- Will Heyward bounce back after hitting just .254 in 104 games last season? This is where you take a chance like that. He has 30-homer, 100-plus RBI potential. You take that and run with it in the 10th.”


Round 11

101 Starling Marte, Pit OF @JoshCollacchi
102 Hunter Pence, SF OF @JessMLB
103 Starlin Castro, ChC SS @VincentFrankNFL
104 Carlos Beltran, NYY OF @Donnystwit
105 Cole Hamels, Phi SP Big Smitty
106 Trevor Rosenthal, StL RP Lil’ Smitty
107 Koji Uehara, Bos RP Peter
108 Everth Cabrera, SD SS @TCEverybody
109 Gerrit Cole, Pit SP @DW_WWBD
110 Jimmy Rollins, Phi SS Phil


Round 12

111 Brian McCann, NYY C Phil
112 Matt Wieters, Bal C @DW_WWBD
113 Wilin Rosario, Col C @TCEverybody
114 Jeff Samardzija, ChC SP Peter
115 Jayson Werth, Wsh OF Lil’ Smitty
116 Michael Cuddyer, Col OF Big Smitty
117 Jon Lester, Bos SP @Donnystwit
118 Michael Wacha, StL SP @VincentFrankNFL
119 Jonathan Lucroy, Mil C @JessMLB
120 Alex Cobb, TB SP @JoshCollacchi


(Rounds 11 and 12) Derek – “I partnered a young arm in Cole in Round 11 with filling my catchers need with Wieters. Wieters is guaranteed playing time and is playing for a big contract. All good news in my mind.”

Peter – “Samardzija is a strikeout machine. If he keeps his ERA down, he’s lights out. Perhaps he gets better this year.”

Vincent- Wacha, Flaka…okay, I am done with that. In any event, look for this 2013 breakout star to prove he’s not a one-year wonder. Wacha struck out more than a batter per inning and posted a 1.10 WHIP last year. That’s top-of-the-rotation fantasy numbers right there.”

Jess- “I really like Hunter Pence. I really love the face pitchers make at him when he’s going up to the plate. He does this weird interpretive dance that’s electrifying.”


 Round 13

121 Jose Abreu, CWS 1B @JoshCollacchi
122 Aramis Ramirez, Mil 3B @JessMLB
123 C.J. Wilson, LAA SP @VincentFrankNFL
124 CC Sabathia, NYY SP @Donnystwit
125 Sergio Romo, SF RP Big Smitty
126 Tony Cingrani, Cin SP Lil’ Smitty
127 Hiroki Kuroda, NYY SP Peter
128 Alex Gordon, KC OF @TCEverybody
129 Brandon Belt, SF 1B @DW_WWBD
130 Leonys Martin, Tex OF Phil


Round 14

131 David Robertson, NYY RP Phil
132 Joe Nathan, Det RP @DW_WWBD
133 Will Middlebrooks, Bos 3B @TCEverybody
134 Justin Masterson, Cle SP Peter
135 Shane Victorino, Bos OF Lil’ Smitty
136 J.J. Hardy, Bal SS Big Smitty
137 Chase Utley, Phi 2B @Donnystwit
138 Patrick Corbin, Ari SP @VincentFrankNFL
139 Aaron Hill, Ari 2B @JessMLB
140 Jim Johnson, Oak RP @JoshCollacchi


(Rounds 13 and 14)  Donny – “I’m buying in to the skinny CC. Figured it can’t hurt at this point in the draft.”

Derek – “I went after my first closer with Nathan. Detroit is going to win an Nathan still has it. Plus he’s in a pitchers park now. Easily 30 saves.”

Lil’ Smitty – “I needed some stolen bases and some power to fill my outfield, figured I’d go after Victorino.”

Josh – “There’s no reason Jim Johnson can’t save 30 or more games for Oakland this year. I’m on board with him.”

Vincent- “C.J. Wilson is simply someone you can peg into your starting rotation and expect 15-plus wins, 200 innings and anywhere between 170 and 190 strikeouts. You take that in the 14th. Unfortunately, I had not followed up on the news about Corbin’s Tommy John Surgery. That’s an epic fantasy no-no.”

Jess- “Aaron Hill will be forgotten about. Because Mike Trumbo and Paul Goldschmidt are on the Diamondbacks together? Oh you didn’t draft either one of them? You should quit now.”


Round 15

141 Johnny Cueto, Cin SP @JoshCollacchi
142 Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B @JessMLB
143 Zack Wheeler, NYM SP @VincentFrankNFL
144 Mark Teixeira, NYY 1B @Donnystwit
145 Glen Perkins, Min RP Big Smitty
146 Clay Buchholz, Bos SP Lil’ Smitty
147 Andrew Cashner, SD SP Peter
148 Billy Butler, KC DH @TCEverybody
149 Francisco Liriano, Pit SP @DW_WWBD
150 Tim Lincecum, SF SP Phil


Round 16

151 Hector Santiago, LAA SP Phil
152 Jed Lowrie, Oak SS @DW_WWBD
153 Jonathan Papelbon, Phi RP @TCEverybody
154 Drew Smyly, Det RP Peter
155 R.A. Dickey, Tor SP Lil’ Smitty
156 Wilson Ramos, Wsh C Big Smitty
157 Matt Garza, Mil SP @Donnystwit
158 Pablo Sandoval, SF 3B @VincentFrankNFL
159 Hyun-Jin Ryu, LAD SP @JessMLB
160 Matt Adams, StL 1B @JoshCollacchi


(Rounds 15 and 16) Josh – “Cueto’s average draft position continues to surprise everyone in the fantasy world. Cincinnati’s best pitcher in the last few seasons has been Cueto, as he is an era below 2.70 in his last 60 or so starts. In a format where each team only needs one starting first baseman, power can be found late in the draft. Matt Adams will be able to hit over 25 home runs and bring in close to 100 runs this season in a very good Cardinals lineup. Adams could be one of the best values at first base in fantasy baseball this season.”

TC – “How is Billy Butler still sitting here?! I’m taking him solely based on keeping him from everyone else.”

Derek – “Another solid arm from the NL in Liriano and a shortstop who will hit near .290 on a productive team, simple reasoning here.”

Lil’ Smitty – “R.A. Dickey is two years off the Cy Young and pitched well at times last year in Toronto. I’m hoping he puts it together for most of the year in 2014.”

Phil – “I LOVE Hector this year…just you wait!”.


Round 17

161 Ivan Nova, NYY SP @JoshCollacchi
162 Jason Grilli, Pit RP @JessMLB
163 Dan Straily, Oak SP @VincentFrankNFL
164 Ryan Howard, Phi 1B @Donnystwit
165 Lance Lynn, StL SP Big Smitty
166 Victor Martinez, Det DH Lil’ Smitty
167 Neftali Feliz, Tex RP Peter
168 Rafael Soriano, Wsh RP @TCEverybody
169 Rex Brothers, Col RP @DW_WWBD
170 Steve Cishek, Mia RP Phil


Round 18

171 Ubaldo Jimenez, Bal SP Phil
172 Nate Jones, CWS RP @DW_WWBD
173 Ernesto Frieri, LAA RP @TCEverybody
174 Brett Lawrie, Tor 3B Peter
175 Coco Crisp, Oak OF Lil’ Smitty
176 Grant Balfour, TB RP Big Smitty
177 Martin Prado, Ari 3B @Donnystwit
178 Fernando Rodney, Sea RP @VincentFrankNFL
179 Dan Haren, LAD SP @JessMLB
180 Ervin Santana, Atl SP @JoshCollacchi



(Rounds 17 and 18) Josh– “In a format where each team only needs one starting first baseman, power can be found late in the draft. Matt Adams will be able to hit over 25 home runs and bring in close to 100 runs this season in a very good Cardinals lineup. Adams could be one of the best values at first base in fantasy baseball this season.”

Lil’ Smitty – “Victor Martinez: With Prince gone, V-Mart  is likely to protect Cabrera. If you can get that in 17th round, you do it.”

Vincent- “I waited until the very late stages to acquire a closer for my  team. The idea here is that I can give up saves in order to dominate in other areas. It’s  a new strategy taking hold around the fantasy world…I decided to try it.”


Round 19

181 Chris Archer, TB SP @JoshCollacchi
182 Casey Janssen, Tor RP @JessMLB
183 Nelson Cruz, Bal OF @VincentFrankNFL
184 A.J. Burnett, Phi SP @Donnystwit
185 Billy Hamilton, Cin OF Big Smitty
186 Taijuan Walker, Sea SP Lil’ Smitty
187 Will Venable, SD OF Peter
188 Tommy Hunter, Bal RP @TCEverybody
189 Huston Street, SD RP @DW_WWBD
190 Jake Peavy, Bos SP Phil


Round 20

191 Carl Crawford, LAD OF Phil
192 Brandon Morrow, Tor SP @DW_WWBD
193 Curtis Granderson, NYM OF @TCEverybody
194 Mike Napoli, Bos 1B Peter
195 Mike Moustakas, KC 3B Lil’ Smitty
196 Bobby Parnell, NYM RP Big Smitty
197 Rick Porcello, Det SP @Donnystwit
198 Alexei Ramirez, CWS SS @VincentFrankNFL
199 Marco Estrada, Mil SP @JessMLB
200 Yovani Gallardo, Mil SP @JoshCollacchi


Round 21

201 Yordano Ventura, KC SP @JoshCollacchi
202 John Axford, Cle RP @JessMLB
203 Daniel Murphy, NYM 2B @VincentFrankNFL
204 John Lackey, Bos SP @Donnystwit
205 Chris Tillman, Bal SP Big Smitty
206 Byron Buxton, Min OF Lil’ Smitty
207 Brandon Moss, Oak 1B Peter
208 Justin Morneau, Col 1B @TCEverybody
209 Cody Allen, Cle RP @DW_WWBD
210 Austin Jackson, Det OF Phil


Round 22

211 Samuel Deduno, Min SP Phil
212 Phil Hughes, Min SP @DW_WWBD
213 Archie Bradley, Ari SP @TCEverybody
214 Jason Castro, Hou C Peter
215 Xander Bogaerts, Bos 3B Lil’ Smitty
216 Jameson Taillon, Pit SP Big Smitty
217 Jhonny Peralta, StL SS @Donnystwit
218 Alfonso Soriano, NYY OF @VincentFrankNFL
219 Jarrod Parker, Oak SP @JessMLB
220 A.J. Griffin, Oak SP @JoshCollacchi


(Rounds 19-22) Lil’ Smitty – “Byron Buxton: I figure the Twins are in for brutal season and will need to put butts in the seats. Buxton is worth the price of admission, that should be in June, so why not?”

TC – “I’m taking a flyer on Archie Bradley. He’ll get called up at some point and can be an immediate factor. I stayed away from rookies, besides Bradley, and opted for Veterans.”

Derek – “Filled out my relievers with Street (also drafted Nate Jones a few rounds earlier) and will roll the dice with Phil Hughes. Hey, he’s in a pitcher’s park now right?!”

Jess- “Also, we all know the big A’s fan I am, but auto-drafting will land you Jarrod Parker. He’s out for the season with a second Tommy John surgery. (Bold move Cotton, let’s see if it works).”

Overall, a great draft with some great analysis of Sportsnaut’s 2014 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft. We’ll revisit this again at the All-Star break, and again at the end of the season. Credibility is key in our minds.

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